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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
definitely another +1 for a new line of 060's akin to the Cyberstorm/Blizzard cards.

These cards are getting rarer than hens teeth and costing more and more to get hold of one. I should know, as my mrs bought me a 66/330mhz BPPC for my 30th this year

if we can get 1260 with user adjustable timings (for those with scsi etc or for those wanting just plain raw horsepower) then all the better.

perhaps to keep initial costs down both for you and us, you could have any additional stuff like ppc/sata/usb as a modular socket we can just plug later purchased stuff into? also means if one of these fail we can just order a replacement for that bit instead of having to send the whole board back for repair.
It's definitely a good idea! It's too early to say how things like that will be dealt with, but your idea definitely makes a lot of sense! I will keep you guys posted as things develop. I'm really busy today running around for this project and other things, back tomorrow for full proper replies to everything! In the meantime keep those comments and suggestions coming!
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