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Originally posted by Burseg
Herzog Zwei was a RTS? I thought it was a shoot'em up when I saw the title on a Sega brochure. I'm pretty sure it was released after Dune 2 though.

New pool of radiance shuold be in a worst games ever list.

I think Herzog was first. It had the basic RTS elements in that you could buy troops and make money (to buy more troops). I'll go research the dates for each later

I personally think PoR 2 is the best one since the original TSR titles. Eye of the Beholder and all the Baldur Gates (and clones) suck IMO. I'm sure I just made a few friends with that comment

@Akira - Oops, how could I forget Lemmings? Thanks for reminding me.

@Anti - Go ahead. I'm sure we're not even CLOSE to finished with this debate though
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