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Aros Vision 1.5.5. uploaded

I have just uploaded version 1.5.5. of Aros Vision. Highlights are full working versions of Real3D and SoundFX. Amigaguides are now shown (no crash) and there are two versions now.

Details on:

on the download-page are now 2 versions:

There is the full version and the "Classic" (=Light version)

The light version is the same as the full version (same libraries, MUI-Classes, Virus checker, packer) but many of the applications removed (less than half of the size of the full version). All versions include Wanderer, Scalos and Magellan. On the download-page are instructions and tips to add f.e. Arexx or change to Scalos.

there are basically 3 options:
Use Wanderer and Zune (preconfig)
Use Scalos and Zune replacing Wanderer (different startup-sequence)
Use Scalos and MUI replacing Zune and Wanderer (instructions on download-page)

Details on "Download-Page"

I would also recommend to replace Input, Locale and PSI by original files from 3.1. because there seems to be a bugs in these programs

I have uploaded these short movies:

New Features:
[ Show youtube player ]

Scalos and Zune:
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Scalos and MUI:
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Demonstration of some software:
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