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News in poppy fix 11/11/2012

- PFS3 all in one support (but what the hell you do a TD_READ64 with a 0 size, Toni ? ) I sent this directly to the usb key and it is not happy...

- Unicode support (with ucode and ucodetopaz
Set utf_8=true (for latin or greek based languages) or utf_8=compose (for hebrew, arabic, asian languages) and language=whatyouwant in the anaiis icon.

To make a utf_8 catalog it is quiet easy:
- Take the with catcomp to make an anaiis.ct.
- On Windows, with notepad you translate in your favorite language, then save in UTF-8.
- On the amiga, with CED, you remove all CR and the 3 first characters.
- Use catcomp with, the UTF-8 anaiis.ct to compile the anaiis_utf8.catalog.

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