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@Arnie: Repair operations like trace repair and replacement of SMD components will absolutely be offered. One off boards like you're talking about will absolutely be done. That's one of the core ideas of this project, in addition to big fancy new projects, people will be able to order simple single or double layer boards on a one-off basis for an affordable price.

@Lord Aga: Bigger projects involving things like ultra-fine traces and multi-layer boards will have their boards fabricated elsewhere, the simpler stuff will be done in house on demand. This assures that there is no limitations on what can be made available, but that for smaller things I can do them on demand without driving the price up. Everything you suggested will be taken into consideration. For an RTG card I may initially look at cloning an existing Zorro II/III autosensing card like the Merlin just to have something available quickly, and as the months go on put together a new RTG card. Replacement motherboards are being discussed, probably FPGA based. I am going to get in touch with some of the creators of certain projects to see if we can make their technology available as a drop-in replacement for classic motherboards. No need to reinvent the wheel, if someone is already designing an Amiga compatible system there's no reason to go and do it all over again here. I will try and get in touch with some people and let you all know!

@lole: 060 is definitely planned! PPC is much less certain but is a personal favourite of mine, so we'll call that one a wait and see for now!
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