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Put up some new shelves for my Games!

I got fed up with my Games collection being in boxes and decided to display them in my Office/Games room!

This does not of course include my Big Box Amiga games, these sadly are still boxed up till the day I own a mansion...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics... (sorry for the mess I still need to hoover up after drilling the holes)

Some Amiga CD Games:

CD32 Games (This collection took me quite a while to get)

My Sega Saturn Games (PAL)

And Jap Saturn/Sega CD:

PC Engine HU Cards, and look space for the little fella too!

Speccy+ 3 Disks (I have 100's of Tapes as well but they're still boxed up)

Some MegaDrive Games too...

And some loose MD Carts (large cart is Virtua Racing)

That's about it for now!!!
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