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btw, AR2 has interesting copper pointer detection code. (Not anymore in AR3)

Something like this in pseudocode:

Get address of COPxLC from memory that stores all CPU custom accesses:
Run detection (COPxLC)
If detected: exit
address = 0
Run detection(address)
if detected: exit
address = address + 2
if (address = end of chip): exit
goto next

Detection code does:
Save LONG from address
Write Copper MOVE, 0x8001 to INTREQ, to address (LONG)
Write to COPxJMP
Enable Copper DMA
Disable Copper DMA
Restore old LONG value
Check if INTREQR bit 0 is set, if set, copper pointer found, exit

Really great idea but unfortunately it is too easy to detect by creating fake copper list.
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