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Thank you very much for the advice Jens. The system I am using right now is Multisim/Ultiboard, but I have considered Altium. I am fully aware of the PCB services out there and I plan to make full use of them, but I am also planning to do some of the small scale two layer stuff on my own equipment partly because for smaller things it can be affordable but also because I really love doing it.

The equipment has been gifted to me by someone who wants to see this venture succeed but who doesn't have the expertise or time to make it happen themselves. I came up with it and they loved it, so they decided to make it happen, but they are not running the show, I am. They didn't make an investment with expected returns or controlling interest, it literally was a gift. I don't have to worry about banks, and I don't have to worry about tax advisers, at least not yet.

Repair service is something I am going to be offering right from the beginning. I have the skill to get it done, as well as the tools. I have a real professional grade vacuum desoldering station. Now, it's very late here and I need to sleep, but the wisdom has been heard and heeded!
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