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Vengeful Chip - A video game music collection in FLAC

I started up this project because this is something that hasn't been done before. The goal of it is to collect as many game soundtracks from as many platforms (Lemmings as an example, we have it's complete soundtrack from 17 different ports), from the common IBM-PC, to the more exotic X68000, from common consoles like SNES to 3DO or PC-Engine. From that Amiga is included too ofcourse. I stride to provide as much high quality content and to give as many soundtracks that are exclusive to the site (ie. not found anywhere else)

You can see all the available soundtracks here:

Also you can see all my Amiga postings here. I promise there'll be a lot more in the future.

Also I'm looking for some help, if you have a bit of time, please review this page, I'll be eternally grateful ^^

Make sure to read the information appropriate for requests, if you'll ever want to do one.

Thanks for your time, and if I posted this in the wrong section on these forums, mods please feel free to move/remove the thread.

Also I have made a reddit community and a twitter account, so feel free to subscribe/follow those

YouTube Channel is here.

Notice: If you intend to use these recordings anywhere, please make sure to credit the original composers, and credit me or the site.

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