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Originally Posted by vulture View Post
Just saw this was uploaded on aminet:

but no changelog (or is there?). How does this version compare to Toni's?
Appears to be "simple" repackage of official SVN version.

Differences: (I think, readme is really minimal..)

- 2.04+ only
- separate normal and DS versions
- No autodetection or NSD support. (Does not guarantee data safety if driver has >4G issues)
- has 68020+ only CPU versions
- maybe more optimized build, I guess it is SAS-C compiled. (GCC 68k support is not that good but aros build environment is required for 1.x compatibility tricks)
- documentation and other stuff included

(1.x compatibility tricks and hacks are the reason why I don't want to include it in official SVN tree)
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