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Originally Posted by Mick_AKA View Post
Anyone else remember a demo that was just digitised video of two topless women showering with a hosepipe?
God I had this. It was total crap lol...

Other porn stuff i remember on the amiga was stag 3, a colour slide show of a porn with Madonnas 'like a virgin' playing on loop in the background and a game where you had to wiggle your joysick (cheetah 125+, not the other one ) and you made these digitized people shag. The faster you went, the more points you got.

Ah the good ol' days Funny.. Porn and nostalgia don't normally mix!

EDIT: Just found out that the porno game was either Dirty Moves or Sex Machine. The Madonna Loop music was to a Madonna puzzle game with still black and white images. And the Porno colour slide show one had a standard porno soundtrack. All I remember about the latter is that is had the usual gasps of a porn but before it looped, some guys said "scratch me". It looped every 5 seconds almost. Always made me and my mates laugh.

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