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Our prices are Insane!
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The biggest problem that no one wants to address is price. if history has taught us anything, is that Amiga hardware producers want a return on their investment right away, so in order to produce a "New" PPC card, we will all be paying the same, if not more for PPC hardware, then we are now.
This of course opens up NO new markets, and does not mean any sales what so ever, because, the people that can afford them now, already have them.
Until someone comes up with a PPC board under $200 USD, the market is going to remain the same as it is now.
Once someone does break the "Budget" price, then the PPC and OS4 market will explode, and developers and games will be written.
But of course, this is all a dream, because no hardware manufacture WILL (even if they could) put out a card for that price, because the greed to milk the Amiga market is just too tempting-especially when it comes to the PPC and OS4.
I wouldn't be surprised if Hyperion wanted a kick-back or a "Fee" from every PPC hardware made.
I just thank G, that there are people like Jens, that are slowly making "affordable" parts for the market, and bucking the trend to Milk every last penny from the Amiga Community.
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