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I received the ACA620 from Amigakit. Installed it in my 1.3 mobo previously recapped and fixed for me by kipper2k.

I have the exact same issues as the rest of you. All WHDLoad games crash after a few seconds, graphics corruption also happens intermittently, although something else may be at fault here.

Workbench is rock-stable. I can load up AWeb, browse the internet, use ATC normally. I am impressed at how much power the tiny little 16Mhz 68020 can push out. It makes the A600 fly...

As usual, the card design is very clever. The ACATune maxmem option is perfect, because it adds the extra RAM after the initial initialization, so the kickstart does NOT disable the PCMCIA slot. Well done, Jens!

Here is a curious side effect. My A604+Indivision ECS would not work before on this mobo (although they worked fine on a 1.5 mobo). The extra chip mem was not recognized. Since I installed the ACA620, the expansion and the scandoubler work just fine. Now this is mind boggling. I have no clue why.

However, whenever the floppy drive is accessed (even the simple kickstart floppy click), causes lines and picture distortion to appear on screen.

When reading a floppy, the picture gets really messed up, with colours flickering wildly and even temp losses of sync. Everything returns to normal once the floppy activity ceases. Disconnecting the floppy drive from the mobo causes all of these symptoms to disappear (except for WHDload crash, which seems unrelated).

I have no clue what causes this.
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