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Well, I received my aca 1232 (thx Amigakit!) and I must say I am surprised. This seems to be the most stable aca-card I have. I have the aca 1230 28 mhz, aca 1230 56 mhz and the aca 1231 42 mhz. Only the aca 1232 seems to be stable in combination with super highres resolutions (with Indy MK2) on my rev 1d4 (no timing fixes) and also on my rev2b a1200 (with timing fixes). The CPU also isn't getting hot. So what's different with the aca 1232 compared to the others? Only thing is though it doesn't seem to work with my wireless pcmcia-card. Still have to test this further though...

But this card is a beauty! Thx Jens

Ps. Still satisfied with all other aca cards, because they work fine on high res laced resolutions.
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