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Hi I tried what demolition said and cleaned the old CPU. Made no difference for me, but then I would nt say my aca 620 was unstable to begin with. It is stable it just cant run a large number of games.

Unstable for me would describe the machine doing something and then not being able do it again 2 minutes later and crash. Or alternatively having it on for a long time and then it crashing because it got hot.

The machine is stable workbench runs and doesnt crash. Also some games are stable ie Dune II

What happens is when I try to run certain games through WHDload (have nt tried other methods yet) the games close and go back to workbench saying 'illegal instruction called' 000x000 or something like that. Can write down full details next time.

I get 3 options quit suspend restart.

If I quit Im back in Workbench and everything is huncky dory if I restart the process happens again.

The games ie Body Blow, Fire and Ice, zeewolf2 tend to be ones with large sprites and smooth movement.

Other older games ie chuck rock, streetfighter, battle ilse with more stuttery movement tend to be ok.

Also I have removed the PCMCIA CF card. I never had a PCMCIA SRAM card.

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