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Some news! Work on PN3 is forging ahead and we have around 80 pages finished so far so expect a release soon!

David Marsh of Shadowgate fame talks to us, a look at the GBA unreleased game Spiralstone and a lengthy chat with Stephen Hornback responsible for the likes of Duke Nukem/Alice and a pretty in-depth look at Myth (one of my all time favs as a kid for the Speccy).

More interviews, improvements to designs and even more writers are joining the team. Really proud with what we have managed to achieve so far and looking forward to hearing what people thing.

As PN3 comes round seriously considering stopping the print runs for older issues, it costs a lot of money to get these done guys and it always has to be in bulk. So there's a good chance that once the older issues have sold out there won't be reprints so grab em while you can.

Some previews of pages to follow, still in the design page but should give you an idea of what to expect

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