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Have to disagree with the comments on there about "hardly any software". thanks to WarpUP/OS even existing software gets a benefit running even faster than a heavily oc'ed 060!

I also love the ability to have both a modern and classic system in one box, without needing extra space for more monitors/towers etc.

the only downside, as far as i can tell is price. if the original PPC's were/are cheaper there'd be more people using them and more software created for the user base. A second downside is size. Having to prop up your wedge on stilts because of fans/heatsinks poking out the bottom is a little unsightly and awkward.

i think from a business pov though something like an 060 with adjustable timings (50/66/72/90/100Mhz), FPU and MMU along with sata and scsi would be more commercially viable. perhaps have a port somewhere for the option to add a ppc at a later date for those that want one? but i guess space will come at a premium.

as the 060 chips themselves are both rare and expensive, surely there's a way to directly clone the chip onto FPGA?

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