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Originally Posted by scu98rkr View Post
Hi is there any reason why the Indivision ECS doesnt have a DVI (or even HDMI) out ?
Indivision ECS has been developed in 2008/2009, when DVI was not so common yet. Further, DVI adds a lot to the complexity of the development, and it requires more board space. Even if I wanted to, I could not make a DVI version of Indivision ECS because a) the physical space is not available and b) the resourcces of the FPGA are already exhausted and extended with a trick: It re-configures on the fly to one out of ten FPGA cores. In essence, we've increased the FPGA capacity by a factor of 10 with this trick.

Short: Indivision ECS is a known-good design. No need for a change.

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