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I have an Amiga 600 2D June Bug. It came with 37.299 Kickstart originally (Which I replaced as a kid but I still have the chip so sure). Apparently this combination should nt exist.

Anyhow I brought an ACA 620 I fitted it and it works. I havent tested it for long periods of time though.

I dont really get a few of the options. I havent downloaded ACA tool yet.

When I boot from my hardrive (waiting to get flash card running). It says I have ~2MB ~10MB fast.

When I boot from disk drive to PCMCIA card (to some kind of compact flash version of workbench) it says 2MB chip. 4MB fast and 6MB other RAM in the title bar.

I thought I needed to use ACA tune to get the other 6MB but I seem to have them off the bat.

Also can I use the options for ACA tune listed on here->

anyone any ideas of the best options for a ACA 620 ?

Also I see a 25Mhz ACA 1220 has just appeared on amiga kit. is a 25Mhz ACA 620 just round the corner ?
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