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I repeat: fuck the LAN. There's no need for a LAN in a scene party. Need to swap stuff between sceners? Use your favorite removable media.

What's the point of having a LAN setup in one? To vote? make it more old-fashioned style, no need for an electronic votesystem. I dunno. I say it's unneeded. From my little experience at this kind of parties, I say the LAN means pish all to the organization of a demoparty. I bet they do it to attract the crowd, but is it a needed crowd? is it the people you want to attend yoru party?

The fact that a Countershite tourney winner gets more than a demo compo winner is disgusting. The demo creators use their creativity and skills to make one bloody nice piece of art. What productive thing does the countershite player do?

Then you ask why I hate FPSes. Here's yet another reason :P
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