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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Unless it's changed from when I got my 1230, there was no way to tell.
It's not the same, even within the same revision MB.
So what we were being told was not to apply the timing fix UNLESS it didn't work.
I got my 1230, and lucked out. No fix needed...
I've had my 1200 running memtests with the ACA1232 for more than 5 hours in total now without any errors, so I can safely say that the timing fix was required for me as it would crash after just 10-20 mins without it. Now I just need to fix the remaining small errors that are in my A1200 like the graphics corruption and bad audio. At least it is stable, unlike my 600.

Oh, and I also need to find something useful to do with those 127 MB of fast memory (129 MB with SRAM card ). I think my biggest WHDLoad game uses about 10 MB..
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