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Originally posted by Time Bandit
perhaps there are other parties, but for myself the party was symbols of amiga history. Nearly all the big legendary amiga demos were released there. I can remember 1991 at the Party I no C64 competitions were planned and because of the pressure from c64 and amiga groups they organized the competiton for the C-64. It was some kind of spirit there, that was unbelievable.

Now it is another fuckin' LAN party with Conter Strike, Unreal 2K3 and i can understand the boycott. The winner for the CS competition gets 4.000 ? ( as well as the Unreal / Warcraft / Battlefield Winner ) and the winner of the amiga/pc demo competition gets 1.000? . It is a shame.
Someone should set up a scene party with lan for the kiddies out there and make them subsidise the prizes for the demo party... I wonder if that would work?

Its sad to hear where all these scene parties are going. Retro computing culture is slowly fading away.
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