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Originally Posted by drohan View Post
Is there an easy way to know if my A1200 will need any kind of timing fix to work properly with the ACA 1232?
From what I could understand on Jens, it seems like you most likely will need the fix to get it to work, however there was no way to be sure (e.g. a particular board revision) until you have the accelerator installed in the Amiga. Don't know if it's 75% or 90% probability, but you should expect it. There are many people in this forum with the skills to apply the fix, so perhaps someone nearby will do it if it's needed and you can't do it yourself.

My A1200 1D4 was unstable with the ACA1232 so I did the timing fix and it seems quite stable now (been able to run 1½ hours without problems) but I will continue testing tomorrow as 1½ hours isn't enough to say for sure.
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