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I've seen this LAN party shit going on here...

The scene is Argentina is almost non-existant.
And the ONLY scene party there is, is flooded by kiddies who scream in delight at the possibility of a free LAN party.

In the end, in a huge room with 200 computers, only 20 are sceners, the rest are kids playing their Countershite.

This year we didn't have this party. Every year I waited with excitement the day for this party to arrive, so I was VERY disappointed this year.

My call is: do you need teh fucking LAN? Back then with teh C64s and stuff there was no fucking LAN.

I say make a party with not a single hub in it. Screw the network.
I say the only parties to look aheaad for from now on are those that focus on retro equipment. The rest are buggered.
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