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The mailman just delivered the ACA1232 to my door a few hours ago, and it seems to work fine in my A1200. 7.97 MIPS in Sysinfo, ~2.5MB/s from IDE and all memory is found, so doing some stability tests now, and if I'm lucky, no timing fixes will be required.

First, I couldn't get it to find any memory except for 1MB at c00000, but then I remembered that since the CF card was taken from my A600, Acatune was maprom'ing a 40.063 KS, and that didn't work too well.

After changing to 40.068 it seems to work as it should. I need a new keyboard for my A1200 though as many keys aren't working and I have to move the CF card to WinUAE every time I want to change something..

Edit: Nah, it just crashed, so I'll probably have to apply the timing fix (was expecting it anyway).

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