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Superb - some great goals scored there - I love the subtle little pass backs to the Keeper on occasion - not allowed today of course - I miss this old time wasting tactic!

I just hope that the score line isn't similar at Old Trafford today - come on you Gunners, lets keep it down to under 8 this time!!

I will have to dig out KO2 again and get in some practice - forgotten how good it was - have to give my Brother a game when he visits at Xmas.

I love those big screen events - I went to two Amiga meetings in the nineties where there was a similar Sensible Soccer compo - I think both events were run by SEAL - one in Basildon the other in Banstead in Surrey - there was no Youtube in those days - don't think even cameras had gone digital so there is no footage of our games - I was well and truly hammered at Sensi on both occasions so best forgotten perhaps...

Anyway, cheers for the clip and good luck in the next competition!
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