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I took a look at the Xim web site and the only negative, if I read it correctly, is that you must use a wired controller instead of a wireless controller.

You did indicate though that with the Xim (Edge I assume as the Xim3 is not yet available) allows you to use both the mouse and the keyboard with the Xbox 360 Amiga emulator.

BTW, is there a source for either of those 256K ROMs that the WinUAE emulator must have? I can't seem to find them. That and there seems to be a pathing inconsistency between the documentation and the WinUAE window on the PC.

"I have mine set up for 40MB using an A1200 image with WHDload". I don't know (yet) what WHDload is either. Would it be impractical, unworkable and imposing on my part to ask if you could send me .HDF file that you are using?

I would rather just be running the Amiga emulator on the XBox 360 instead of the PC. Have you run Amiga games in both environments? Which do you think is better? IF I could find those ROMS for WinUAE I would like to try it though.

Many thanks for the assistance and I won't be offended in the least if you tell me to take a hike.


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