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There was a game named bomberman on nintendo nes that was like dynablaster but AFAIK it was older.

As for ultima 5, it's a poorer sequel to ultima 4 and looks like it. Even richard garriott admits ultima 4 is the best one story-wise.

I don't know the difference bewteen super nand normal mario bros but one pair of plumbers should be enough After all there are a lot of different sonic games as well, we can summarize them as soinc series and mario series games.

I'd add titles like syndicate and phantasy star to the list. While phantasy star was a direct rival to final fantasy series, the original phantasy star game on sega master system had smooth 3d first person dungeon view. While the gmae used a trick to display 2s graphics like 3d, it looked cooler than wolfenstein, in 1988!!! Grab this game and a SMS emulator guys!

And I agree on Planescape: Torment but it was influenced by baldur's gate (in terms of technology) which is influenced by goldbox rpgs like champions of krynn and pool of radiance which were influenced by titles of their own day.
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