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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
There's one guy in this thread, and his problems are a) gone and b) probably related to his computer, not the card itself. So what's the "bunch of problems" that you're writing about?
There's me and two others who are having similar stability problems with it. I've still not been able to confirm that anyone's got it to work properly.
Mine still isn't working (crashes after typically 30-45 mins), and I've done a lot of things trying to make it work:

Cleaned the CPU pins very thoroughly
Opening the case, putting a fan on it to keep it cool
Desoldered the CPU, cleaned up everything and soldered it back in to get rid of any micro fractures
Soldered in extra supply wires from the connector to the CPU decoupling caps
Added extra decoupling caps (on U1A/B on MB)
Connected a heavy ground wire from motherboard to ACA
Tried another PSU
Tried another A600 (both A600s have fresh caps)

The only thing that seemed to help was the extra thorough cleaning of the CPU pins which improved stability from ~5 mins to ~45 mins, but it won't get any better.

I'm just waiting for Vesalia to respond to my mails, as I've run out of things to try (and obviously won't try modifying the ACA as it'll break the warranty).

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