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Thanks for the quick feedback. I remember first seeing an Amiga 500 at a PC show many, many years ago and was blown away by the graphics and the games and bought one shortly thereafter. I had always been into PC games but when I bought the Amiga I went on a game collection craze.

OOC, are ROMs available for the majority of the Amiga games? The reason I ask is that I probably have hundreds of Amiga games and was wondering if there was a way to recompress the diskettes back into .adf format so the emulator could read them just in case I couldn't find the ROMs for the games that I wanted to play the most.

I just got a dual DB6 to a single USB and plugged it into one of the USB ports on the front of the XBox 360 but it doesn't seem to see it yet. Is that the same setup that you have or is the Xim something different? It seems that a keyboard is an absolute necessity as is a mouse.

Thanks again.
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