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The History of Video Games (by TheDrisk) has also been archived at the Internet Archives Free Library site:

You can download the episodes individually from there without having to watch them all on YT. I saw all those shows last year, an excellent resource, and the History part is spot on in so many ways. The Amiga sections are fun and with great respect for the machine (for a change).

As for the 70's and 80's market crashes, well they just made too many terrible games on all formats and flooded the market with them. The 2600 was a culprit and affected the market due to so many people having an Atari. But there were also too many dead machines around at the time which people were still using, and sometimes folks bought one of these (Intelivision, Magnavox, Vectrex) thinking this was the future when in fact they were already in the past. When the C64 came along most of those dinosaurs had died out, leaving gamers with one solid machine with a nice range of decent games. The c64 outsold every other machine by 10 to 1, and dominated the market long after the NES and Master Systems and Amigas appeared in the mid 80's up to '90. Stable and long lasting platforms count for a lot when it comes to market stability.
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