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The swirl technic is perfect with a competition pro joystick. I finished it plenty of times in several levels of difficulty. Those who can't play it correctly with a stick like the competition pro should stop playing shoot'em ups !!! More over i would add that the swirl technic is giving a feeling of perfect brutality, really in the state of mind of this wonderfull shooter. When all seems lost, surrounded of bullets or if you are in a middle of a zone with tons of destructible stuffs, WHAT A PLEASURE to launch a bomb in a brutal circle . Of course with a joypad it is really difficult, that's why a joystick is highly advised !
Fantastic Vollldo

It is simply the BEST descriptions af releasing the Nova Missile (Smart Bomb) that I have ever heard.

...the swirl technic is giving a feeling of perfect brutality, really in the state of mind of this wonderfull shooter.
And remember to press and hold the fire button and then swirl the joystick in a circle

Ah ah ah yes, to push the button is needed otherwise you will swirl until becoming dizzy and collapse on the ground looool.

My pleasure mister really. It was very nice to find these few words to describe the nova bomb feeling .

I suppose that the professionnal of Zangief in Street fighter 2 don't have any problem to do it with a joypad, but except these exceptions, a good joystick is simply perfect for this.

I have not tried it with a comp pro, but it's a real ballache to get reliable novas with a zipstik.

If you are talking about the one in attachment, well it was my joystick during my amiga days and in my opinion the best ever made, so maybe this one is not the good choice for your sensibility. We are all different, i have a friend who plays really well at Kick off 2 with my Quickshot, and it is completely IMPOSSIBLE for me !

And... Nice choice of picture Torben !
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