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How much is this lot worth?

I bought a load of Amiga stuff off a guy who wanted rid of it all (this is not a for sale thread btw) but was just wondering what it is worth? The list of items is as follows....

1x Amiga 500 (boxed and fully working but very yellowed)

2x fully working Amiga 1200's with power packs (one with 100+ game hard drive, the other with an 8MB upgrade)

2x Amiga 1200 (both bust so are spares)

1x Star printer (cant remember model) complete with spare ribbons and ribbon refresh sprays

1x Commodore 1084S moniter (not working as you can see in pix but im investigating as would like it fixed!)

3x External floppy drives

1x CD drive (no idea what it is to be fair, hopefully you know from the pics?)

3x Mice

3x Joysticks (a zipstick, a quickshot and some red thing)

1x Pair or Amiga legs (or a stand if you like to call it that)

100's of floppy's (in disk boxes) containg various games, demos and programs (back ups of course)

about 50 cd's containing various games, demos and programs

also a handfull of original cames (some are unboxed and need code wheels such as Zool) but some are boxed (theme park on both floppy and cd, beneath a steel sky and monkey island 2)

A few Amiga power mags (inc a collectors edition)

Also various books, manuals leads etc


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