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From a newbie - although I haven't played any Amiga games for almost 10 years except for a 2 hour stint about three years ago, my memory of those great games is still there.

1) Cannon Fodder
2) Turrican
4) Lotus Turbo Challenge II
5) Lemmings
6) Pushover
7) Shadow of the Beast
8) Uridium 2
9) Turrican 2
10) Wings

Worst game: Dragon's Lair

PS - hopefully not too far off subject - I have just discovered the Amiga emulator for the XBox 360 and wonder if any of you folks have any experience with it. Also, I probably have thousands (?) of Amiga games from way back when on 3 1/2" diskettes and am wondering how I could read them and recompress them to .adf files to use with the emulator IF I can't find the ROMs somewhere.
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