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another amiga scene history died today!!!

The Party 2002 now officially sux

The competent pc + amiga demo groups have boycotted The Party 2002 resulting in cancellation of the intro & demo competitions - moving the few entries to a combined 64k/demo/wild compo, which can at best be described as utter crap. Perhaps this was a result of the demo prizes only being 1/4 of e.g. the CounterStrike competition.

Therefore another amiga history died, the biggest and best scene party, formed by wellknown amiga guys in the 90ties has become a gaming LAN party.

It has nothing more to do with the demo amiga spirit.

Also german Mekka Symbosium party 2003 is cancelled, the demo scene is fading away.

thanks anway to all demo groups, making me really enjoy their art of work for the last 12 years.
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