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if the rules are i must play an amiga game, then a swift
superfrog session it is!.

then,ide strangle the person who told me i had 2 hrs to live
for not telling me sooner.

then, seeing as money is no object now, ide drain my
account, speedily hire the most expensive car i can find,
speed through a speed cam so my pic w/expensive car
will be imortalised on crimewatch.

then, shave my head bald and draw 2 breasts on it.
walk up to one of those clipboard sales people in town
who stop you every 5 yards, get a marker pen, write amiga forever on his/her forehead.

then, walk into a popular store like dicksuns, turn on the
stack systems and tv`s real loud, then when i get the
"can i help you sir?" ide say yea, ide like a louder telly
as these suck,
also, ide sneak a notice in the window, Amiga rules gates!.
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