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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Is there anywhere that sells the Commodore series books in eBook form for like $5 - charging what they do atm for the eBooks is just criminal imo so i refuse to buy them.
Just curious, the commodore book this is the second one of cost in hardcover (only paper option, amazon co uk) 18.71 GBP. The kindle version cost 8.54 GBP. So a considable saving on the eBook version.

If you need eBook format as in epub,

11.19 usd. which is aprox 6.9 GBP

Is that really a bad price? While it is cost saving to use electronic vs paper distribution, the author and publisher still need to feed their kids so the format should only reflect the cost of production and distribution vs the lower cost of electronic distribution. Not give it away.
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