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Thank you!

I've watched a few short vids now and there's something of my distant impressions that makes me feel I'd have preferred a weekend in Blackpool (yikes!). Perhaps the noise and size of the 2012 event is less 'me' these days, though I've seen nothing of any talks that were given yet. Panels and chats with programmers demoing their latest work were a welcome part of the coverage for me last time, so I suppose that would draw me in with Manchester too.

In case there's room to form the wrong impression from my words, it's still brilliant that there's anything like this happening at all! Decades of history and little to show for it beyond recent modern gaming expos and the relatively tiny gatherings hosted by wonderfully dedicated people such as we have around here has been a pretty sad state of affairs for way too long. There's room for it all and it's incredible that we have forums like this, small meetings and an organisation now able to host an occasion that isn't entirely modern and mainstream. I hope that these are early days for such things and large or small, it long continues.

Along with that, I can't say enough of how lucky I feel to live in a time that I am able to 'be there' through video such as yours...
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