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HOBRing - Easy loadable Amiga games!

Does anyone remember this site?, I remember talking about it ages ago probably even last year on another forum. It was by chance i came across it again when looking to get eye of the beholder aga(automap) version working.

Download and install HWA package ( select your whloadkey directory on install if you have it, if not skip )

Download and install desired game.

Copy over latest winuae or winUAE Beta file ( unpack )

Make a winuae text file in your HWA winuae directory and rename it to winaue.ini as not to affect any other WinUAE installs.

Run the desired game shortcut!

However i have noticed that both this version and my own versions suffer from stutter/freeze in character selection screen. Even tried the winuae that came with the pack still the same, me thinks the latest release is still buggy and will never be fixed. Hey ho
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