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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
hq filter files are not assembled automatically, you need nasm (free software) to compile them.

EDIT: just delete those references from project and delete code that now causes compilation errors. You must likely won't need either
Alrighty, that's excellent. Thanks guys!

Here's my complete list of steps to get from nothing to WinUAE:
  1. git clone
  2. Open WinUAE\od-win32\winuae_msvc10\winuae_msvc.sln, and select Release mode.
  3. Download and extract
  4. Open the Property Manager pane.
  5. Select all the projects and add a new project property sheet.
  6. Select the new shared property sheet and add winuaeinclibs\include as an include path.
  7. Select the new shared property sheet and add winuaeinclibs\lib as an lib path.
  8. Edit winuae.rc and replace '#include "afxres.h"' with '#include "windows.h"', and also add a define for "#define IDC_STATIC -1".
  9. Build each of build68k, gencpu, genblitter, gencomp, genlinetoscr repeatedly until they all build.
  10. If the build process complains about "hq2" related objects, remove them and define out the code that references functions from them.
This is a walk in the park compared to what it used to be like before you made the includes and libs archive available Toni. Great stuff.
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