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A while ago I was asking all around how to make Litil Divil cd32 ISO to work in uae (almost gone crazy) I succeeded!
Here is how: I mounted the iso with deamon tools, then I took the standard AGA config, added PCI drives at startup, then I put WB31 in df0. When workbech appeared, I just clicked the Litil Divil icon and I was in the game.

I had full controls on keyboard (ctrl, cursor keys).

But I had no sound! Does somebody knows hot to manage this problem?
I also tried the same proced. with IK+ (dont know if is a cdtv or cd32 iso) and I worked also (full control on keyboard), but there I had sound. Why?

But anyway, a lot of time and nerves spent (for actually crappie game what Litil D. is).
I can hardly wait that uae gets a cd32 support...
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