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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I wonder why I'm taking the time to write that documentation if you guys keep ignoring it.

Please be aware that not everyone are ignoring you readme files :-)

I must admit that sometimes information and documentation is hidden well.

Take myself as usecase:
Buying an ACA-1231 for the A1200. Reading Vesalias productpage I get the impression that this will work with most A1200 motherboards:

The ACA-1231/42 is more tolerant towards different revisions of the A1200 board than the ACA-1230 was. Immunity against fluctuations of old power supplies has been improved while the power consumption has been reduced.
When the Amiga consequently seems unstable, a Google-search directs me here to report my problem. Learning from you about about the three timing fixes, I get the Amiga working with the accelerator.

I find your work, presence, and enthusiasm regarding good hardware for good computers inspiring. I would like to have you well seated just beside my soldering iron. In the meantime it would be nice to be able to find product, documentation, and links to hints/solutions from
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