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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
A list of what commands work with the ACA620 would be useful, they're not printed in the manual
That readme is fairly long. Your post, as well as that 45-minute video of the meeting in Bad Bramstedt last weekend, is a demonstration of the attention span of the average Amigan: Long readme-files obviously have the effect of the user stopping to read after the first option has been explained.

In the case of the video, it's "chipcache". The guys even read in the readme that "chipcache" is only supported by ACA1230 and ACA630, but not on other cards. Still, they're trying over and over again to activate chipcache.

Each and every option is explained in the readme. For every option, there's a sentence that says which card supports this, and which one doesn't. It's not all that complex. Heck, there's even a hint at the next accelerator I'll be making, and nobody has found it. I wonder why I'm taking the time to write that documentation if you guys keep ignoring it.

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