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Blitz really is significantly more powerful than AMOS for moving graphics around. A factor of 2 or more isnt unrealistic, not to mention proper aga support, use of aga fetch modes, aga sprites, and so on. I did a rough test a while back and was able to move 11 (double buffered screen) 16x16 bobs with amos without dropping a frame. Using exact same bobs with blitz I stopped trying once I hit 30 'cos that was excessive for what I wanted to do already.

For games on the amiga its second only to ASM (although you can also use nline asm directly in Blitz (and with colons to seperate commands )).

I actually enjoy AMOSPro though. Its good fun, and fun to see what can be squeezed from it, but it just doesnt compare for raw speed/fluidity/flexibility, or in any way I can think of (apart from ease of use). That said AMOS is still capable of some decent stuff if you avoid it's weaknesses.
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