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I've only just noticed this over on Amibay, so sorry to bump and some of you are eagerly awaiting news, but i'd like to add some ideas for consideration to the clever guys making this awesome board:-

- I add to what others have said in that it would be a good idea to make a version with an empty PGA socket for folks that have a spare 060, or make it standard with a PGA socket and create a small PGA board with the 040 soldered on. Then offer the Accelerator board with or without 68k CPU.

- Possibly make the 68k side easily overclockable for folks that might have a Rev 6 060

- Have a startup hotkey to disable the Accelerator if desired. And if possible maybe a mode where only Fast RAM and SATA are enabled, but the rest of the accelerator is disabled and processing is passed onto the native A4000 CPU.

- Consider upgrading the 2D chip to a 2D/3D one, maybe one of the Radion mobile chips to make easy driver support in OS 4.1

- Try Make a pass thru for Indivision AGA MKII (Digital only) and an auto switch circuit to detect when Native or RTG Graphics are active.

- Remove all the external connectors such as DVI, LAN etc, and make headers to save space..

- With the saved space consider adding a small Sound chip (maybe one that's already compatible with OS 4.1). And then HDMI out?

- If sound is added, consider adding a small circuit to mix in Paula and CD Audio as well as Aux and Mic headers.

The idea of an A1200 version is VERY exciting! If size is an issue, consider the space under the floppy disk drive where the rear expansion port is and maybe make a small connector on the edge of the accelerator to plug an extra board into for any components that don't fit. Also have some ports on the rear of that card (such as HDMI, LAN and 1x USB).

Anyway, As it is now i'm super excited about this I'm glad its been announced now at this early stage as I can follow progress. I can personally wait a long time for this as long as it does finally come.
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