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Originally Posted by JudasEZT View Post
I was tempted to make Lotus I, II & III vs JaguarXJ220.. just it looked like a not fair duel. Although spiritually the duel feels exactly like that.. lotus games vs jaguar..
Nah, I was bitching
Of course, of the three Lotus games, the second is the more... invested? designed? one, Just I prefer the first one because it was the first game ever I played on Amiga and so colorful and flamboyant (30 different tracks plus practice! Pit stop strategy!) that it was like a wham! to me as an encounter with computer gaming (previously I had only an Hanimex with Pong!)

So, it's fair, Lotus II vs Jaguar.

But yeah, Lotus III was, imho, death for playability: more doesn't mean better. It was an huge let down at the time, Jaguar was far better than that, for me.

Actually, the only two things I did not liked about Jaguar are the seemingly wrong perspective of the car that could be seen every time you steer (you can see stuff like that in many other Core' games, a curious object shaping, like every object is separated from environment... I cannot explain it better), and its steep difficulty, taking in consideration the damage repairing.
But it was a cool game nevertheless.
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