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I gave this another try with different settings, I tested it on my big TV instead. I think most of the problems are with keyboard control, it just blows. perhaps it'd be better with a gamepad.
The gameplay is OK and I quite grew fond of having to change the character on the fly, sometimes it leads to some more hectic gameplay, a lot of speed has been injected in it and I feel this is the best part of teh game, which is a cool thing.

However, it still lacks design-wise, the graphics are not very cool and the main characters have lost flair, which they had a lot of in the DS version. The general presentation, like the menues, etc, is lacking. The music is VERY bad by the way, I expect more of a modern production like this.

I feel if the transition to 3D had been done better, this could be a killer game. They should have gone for something like Rayman Origins instead, which is tremendously beautiful.
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