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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
I also think the first Lotus was the best in terms of gameplay, if it had the graphics (and speech) from Lotus 2 it'd really be the bees knees!

But I think Lotus 2 is far better than Jaguar XJ220 in any case. And I don't know what others see in the graphics but I think Lotus 2 has much nicer graphics!
Exactly! I love the colors and gameplay of Lotus I while Jaguar and Lotus II share to me almost the same rewarding but not great gameplay, with Lotus II having gorgeous graphics whereas Jaguar has well done, coherent but dull ones.

Lotus I is not shabby on graphics either, they are coherent, vivid and colorful. Simply there was half screen wasted when in single player.

All in all, I loved the three games, but my preference would go with the first.
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