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Originally Posted by Rotzloeffel View Post
Hi! You should boot from the early-startup Menu! If you canĀ“t see your root or swap parition in the eraly startup-menu you have to install the Barkeley-Filesystem into the RDB of your root AND swap parition! You can download it from the Aminet:
Guten Tag!

All my partitions show up in the early boot (if I have set them as bootable). I honestly think something may be wrong with my unit since nobody else is having this problem (the OP's video shows a version of NetBSD that I myself cannot get to boot on my A1200, so I am not convinced it's any bug of NetBSD).

I've had weird things happen even in workbench, like I copy files (such as lha archives, zip files) to a floppy disk on a PC, then try and bring them across in Workbench using CrossDOS to the HD and whenever I try to unzip or un-lharc them, they are always reported as corrupt, however if I copy the files to ram: first, and try and to uncompress them there, it works fine. Similarly any ADF image I try to write to a floppy disk are always unbootable. I am betting if I copy the adf images to ramdisk and try and write them to disk from there they will probably work. Possessed machine.

Given the sort of weird behavior like that I am seeing with the unit, I would not at all be surprised if the miniroot fs that got copied is corrupted. Perhaps I have a bad 1260 board or bad ram or something to that effect.

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