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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I have just completed the 6th level, playing it on my notebook via keyboard. The game is great, except two points. In level 1-5 there is a high jump, which is almost impossible to perform with keyboard. Tried more over 100 times (really). And then the boss at the end of level 1-6... probably the most annoying boss I ever met. It is absoultelly unclear how to beat him. I finally did, but I am not sure how. Took me more than half a hour and I lost about 50 lives there, fortunatelly in adventure mode there are unlimited lives. The boss looks very nice, but it is a pure pain to fight him.
The high jump can be managed without help, but there is something standing in the level which helps you with that jump. Took me too a few minutes to find out.

The boss in 1-6 is extremely easy to beat, although it took about 15 lives for me to work it out (I play with keyboard too). I dont want to post a spoiler here, but if you really dont have an idea look into the forum at their website for a detailed hint, or you look into the speedrun 1-6 video linked in that forum for two possibilities (Thread: Beat BFG times).
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